What is a Dutch Henry, Equine Posture Clinic ?

What is a Dutch Henry, Equine Posture Clinic? My clinics are a learning time to provide horse caregivers with knowledge and tools to help their horses gain, or regain and promote self-confidence, self-awareness, proper posture and body carriage. All these things are important in a horse’s health both mental and physical. We do this through a series of easy to learn, and do, exercises that relax and release and reconnect the horse to its mobility. We also cover proper barefoot hoof care and trimming, as all posture begins in the foot.


We begin with discussion of proper, healthy barefoot trimming as the foot is the very foundation of proper posture (sometimes I’ll do an example maintenance trim). Next the very basic stationary exercises and gradually progress to exercises in motion and may end with a few in the saddle. Of extreme importance in clinic is a series I call “pre-ride” and I believe some or all of these should be done every time before riding, they take only minutes.

While this clinic is not about training, the lessons on communication learned by attendees will deepen the bond felt by horse and person. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding and connection with their horse than they may have ever imagined possible—ready to pursue any discipline, with softness, confidence and a new perspective on their relationship.

Having had the honor and privilege of working for a number of years rehabilitating Tennessee Walking Horses with my mentor Diane Sept, a Senior Certified Connected Riding® Instructor, I learned from her, and the horses, many things. Among them the techniques of Peggy Cummings’ Connected Riding and Groundwork® and Linda Tellington-Jones’ Tellington TTouch®. They are the foundation for everything in my clinic. 

My clinic is all about helping horses and their people reach a level of connection they may not have imagined possible, by giving to the horse. By helping the horse move in a way that best suits its build. All horses have the same anatomy, confirmation however varies, and yes we can change their confirmation for better or worse. Let’s change them for the better. 

Clinic Schedule

City, State
 May 5, 2018
Belmead Stables and Riding Club
Powhatan VA
May 19-20

Lapeer MI
June 9, 2018

Belmead Stables and Riding Club

Powhatan VA
June 16-17, 2018

Rochester MN
July 15-16, 2017
Belmead Stables and Riding Club

Powhatan VA
September 15, 2018
Belmead Stables and Riding Club

Powhatan VA