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A boy's quest to be a man.

A woman's desire to give love.

A people's struggle to survive.

A nation's fight to conquer a people and their land.

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Continuing the saga begun in "Tom Named By Horse"..."Three years after the death of Tall Dog, Tome Named by Horse and Soft Cloud have turned their little soddy, the lands granted them by Red Cloud, and the lean to barn into a thriving horse ranch, fulfillingTom's dream. the Plains Indians Wars, or Red Cloud's War, is mostly behind them, and the lands have had their transformations as Red Cloud's vision had warned years earlier. Trailing horses from the ranch to Denver city has become an annual event for Tom, Buck and the reast, and this is the story of that trail. In teh spirit of a good old John Wayne movie, vengeance cattle horse theives, a dirty sheriff and corrupt mayor, and a wedding make this year's drive a ride you'll want to tag along on." I hope you'll have a read. I promise you'll love the adventure.

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A story of love so enduring and powerful it touches and changes forever the lives of a young girl and her mother who learn to love from a dying woman and a sick horse.

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A Dog Named Saturday is available on Amazon

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A Dog Named Saturday isa book for young, and some not-so-young folks. Stories of exploring the wonders of happy, love and figuring things out told by and with Saturday, a beagle who loves to give love. Short tales of adventure with his friends on the farm: Kessy the horse, Fluffernutter, Danielle and Bullet the barn kitties, and Dutch and Robbie too. Saturday knows things of importance like, “Friends help you be who you are better.” And, “Love is much better than everything, because with love everything is better.” And, “The very best thing about happy is everybody can have it.” Saturday knows about things perhaps only important to him, like, “Mud, mushrooms and minnows.” Spend some time with Saturday and your children, you’ll be happy you did. 

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